Other Assembly Machines

 Light-Duty Air Press
This versatile press can be used in assembly operations requiring less than 480 pounds of down force. It can be tooled using affordable, miniature die sets. The light-weight design makes it easy to move from place to place.

 1/2 Ton Air Press 
This versatile, all steel constructed, 1/2 ton air press (tonnage based on 80 psi) can be used in punching, crimping or forming your product assembly. It can be easily tooled or retooled using inexpensive, standard die sets.

 One to Four Ton Air Presses
These heavy-duty presses can be used on assembly applications that, in the past, required much more costly, noisy, or leaky hydraulic presses. Punching, forming, pressing, and curling operations are easily accomplished.
 Spin Welder
The 2080 Spin Welding System is an economical rotational welding system. This welder features touch screen control for weld time, weld distance, hold time, teach position, and deviation. This system can be integrated with...


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