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Toman ThermoSonics partners with Sonics Inc. as a distributor.


Combine Toman ThermalSonics 30 years of innovative experience in designing ultrasonic tooling and fixtures and Sonics Inc. ultrasonic welders, and we can provide the ultimate ultrasonic assembly system.

Light-Duty Air Press
Part # TSN166

This sleek versatile air presses can be used in assembly operations
requiring less than 500 pounds of down force. It can be tooled using
low cost, miniature die sets. The light-weight design makes it easy to
move from place to place.
The press features...Learn More


Toman ThermoSonics was proud to unveil there Spin Welder at the MDM West Convention, in Anaheim California. The Medical Device Manufacturers trade show is a very important market for Toman ThermoSonics’s products, since many of our assembly machines are used for the production of medical devices.


Toman ThermoSonics had an outstanding showing at the Assembly Expo. Our 2020 Vision (Micro Processor Controlled) Thermal Assembly System was on display showing several different assembly applications. We want to thank all those who stopped by to visit us. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us. Hope you enjoy your free gift.  




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