degating blades

Degating Blades

Our degating head and blade has a 1/4-28 threaded bolt for inserting into our thermal probes. This accessory will fit any of our standard thermal presses.

heat staking accessories

Heat Tips

Toman manufactures a variety of tips for Spherical Staking, Flare Staking and Inserting.

light curtain, auto eject system, ultrasonic tools

Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System

The Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System will double the production speed of a manual thermal press system.

heat staking plungers, heat staking accessories


The spring-loaded Hold Down Plunger keeps the parts securely in place during thermal heat staking operations.

heat staking accessories


The body of Toman’s Thermal Probes are made of nickel-plated steel with mounting hole slots for radial adjustment.

pneumatic rotary table

Pneumatic Rotary Table

The Two-Station Pneumatic Rotary Table, is made to be used on our Evolution Series thermal assembly units and can significantly reduce cycle times.

pneumatic slide table, heat staking accessories

Pneumatic & Manual Slide Tables

The rugged Pneumatic Slide Table, is made to be used on our Evolution Series thermal assembly units.

machine stands

Welding & Machine Stands

Our Toman ThermoSonics Universal, Compact and Compact Adjustable Machine Stands are built with superior quality in mind.