Laser Marking Assembly System

This two station custom thermal staking system was engineered to assemble, check and date mark an automotive vapor quick-connect valve. The assembly system first aligns and checks to see that the parts are in place. An o-ring is then inserted by a precision mandrel. Pressure is applied to the components to snap them together. The part is then leak tested and laser marked with a date.

custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems
custom thermal staking systems

Part Sensing and Multi-Zone Custom Thermal Staking System

This one station assembly machine was engineered to attach a screen to an automotive dashboard. The machine’s laser sensors first detect that the operator has loaded the part correctly. The operator then pushes a photoelectric start button which begins the 24 zone heat assembly process. The part is rapidly cooled by a post cooling cycle and the operator removes it. The machine incorporates a light curtain system which protects the operator from getting any body parts near the mechanical heating unit. The complete cycle takes about 52 seconds.

Thermal Staking Assembly System – Oil Cap

A yellow plastic grip is thermally staked to a metal oil cap with a Toman 2030 Thermal Assembly System and optional Pneumatic Slide Table. All three spherical stakes were done in one cycle of the 2030 system with a total cycle time (load to load) of 22 seconds.

custom thermal systems, custom thermal staking system
custom thermal staking system, custom thermal systems

Multi-Zone Custom Thermal Staking System

This 2030MZ was tooled to run two different staking operations. One part required six stakes and the other part had five. Each part was completed in one cycle of the 2030MZ system using three zones. The load-to-load cycle time was approximately 18 seconds.

Heat Sealing

This plastic sheeting was sealed in one cycle time of the 2020 thermal assembly system. The sealer head was mounted to the actuator of the thermal press allowing the operator to adjust the hold time and down force of the welder.

heat stake tips, custom thermal staking system, custom thermal systems
custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems

Degating System

This system was designed to remove the gates on an injection molded part. A degating head and 1″ blade mounted to our standard thermal probe was installed on our 2020 Adjustable Thermal Assembly System. Because this was a short run operation, our universal fixture plate was used to secure the part for degating.

Heat Staking Assembly System – Dashboard

Five components are fastened to this dashboard with 39 individual stakes of different heights and different types (hollow stakes, domed stakes and knurled stakes). The Toman 2040 custom system completed all 39 stakes in one cycle with a total load-to-load time of about 40 seconds.

2040 slide heat staking system with pneumatic operation and removable tooling platen
custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems

Multi-Staking Assembly System

This 2030HDMZ multi-staking assembly system was used to tool two sets of parts to be assembled separately. The first part took twelve stakes to assemble a clear window to a white frame. This was done in one cycle of the heavy-duty multi-zone, using 1-1/2 tons of downforce and six zones. The second part took ten stakes and used five of the six zones.

The machine included a pneumatic slide, to allow part loading and removal outside of the heated area. It also included post-cooling and hold-down plungers to keep the part from shifting during assembly.

Pneumatic Press Assembly System

This fixture pneumatically assembles the wheels and axles to the red plastic truck. The operator places the four wheels into the nests, and also places the truck with the axles into the fixture. The fixture then pneumatically presses the wheels onto the axles and the operator removes the truck.

custom thermal staking systems,custom thermal systems
2020H heat staking machine (thermal press) with PLC

Rotary Table Staking Application

This 2020 and Pneumatic Rotary Table combination significantly reduces cycle times by allowing the operator to remove the finished part and load another part while the thermal assembly is taking place.

The rotary table has two nests and automatically rotates 180 degrees each time the palm buttons are pressed to bring the opposite nest under the head. Once the head comes down, the operator can remove their hands from the palm buttons, unload the finished part and load a new one.

Ultrasonic to Thermal Conversion Kit Application for Truck Tail Light

The tail light and backup light sockets were thermally staked into this housing using the 2005 Ultrasonic to Thermal Conversion Kit and an ultrasonic welder. The conversion kit and the four-headed probe provided the heat, while the ultrasonic welder controlled the timing and pressure.

custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems
custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems

Thermal Embossing

The Toman 2010 system is perfect for short or long-run thermal embossing. Simply attach a copper plate and embossing stamp to the end of the thermal probe. The plastic part shown here took approximately three seconds to emboss.

Ultrasonic Rotary Application

This eight-station rotary system ultrasonically welds a plastic lamp housing. The operator loads the housing, the lens and the base into a double nest. An ultrasonic welder makes the first weld, attaching the lens to the base. A pick-and-place then moves the lens assembly onto the lamp housing in the second half of the nest, where a second ultrasonic welder makes the final weld. A second pick-and-place unit picks up the finished part and places it into a chute.

custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems
custom thermal staking systems, custom thermal systems

9-Head Ultrasonic Application

This custom 15 kHz ultrasonic system is ideal for welding large parts. It has nine heads and a sound enclosure. The part being assembled below has nine weld areas on a 48″ by 48″ surface. The sound enclosure features automatic doors that close just before the weld starts.