This thermal conversion kit simply turns any 20 kHz ultrasonic welder into a thermal assembly system. The model 2005 supplies the heat while your welder controls the timing. The kit consists of a control box with a Watlow temperature controller and a probe assembly, which includes a standard thermal probe, an insulator block and a stainless adapter block. It also includes a stud to attach the thermal probe to your welder. With our available adapter, it can be used in any drill press or milling machine with 1/2” capacity for proto-type work or low production jobs. It can also be mounted on a manual arbor press.

To set up the thermal conversion kit, attach the 2005 thermal probe assembly to any booster that fits the 20 kHz welder you want to adapt. Then attach that booster to the welder. Set the 2005 temperature controller to the desired temperature, and choose the assembly time by setting the weld and hold timers on your 20 kHz welder. That’s all there is to it. You now have a thermal assembly press.

2005 Thermal Conversion Kit


  • Microprocessor-based temperature controller with digital display of set point and process value readout
  • Stainless adapter block
  • Non-asbestos insulator
  • Thermal probe with built-in thermocouple
  • 80-999 degree F. operating range +/-2 degree accuracy
  • Easy-access illuminated on/off switch


  • Power requirements: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Current draw at full rated output: 2.5 amps
  • Dimensions:  8” cube
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

Custom Options (Quoted Upon Request)

  • Additional Zones (up to four and includes probe assemblies)
  • Thermal Alarm (your ultrasonic welder will not cycle outside temperature range)

Item# TBY017-01
Probe Adapter for drill press or milling machine (1/2” chuck or collet required)

Item# TBY025
2005 Conversion Kit with Probe