The 2040 Rotary Heat Staking System is capable of many simultaneous operations. One system can often solve production problems that would require multiple assembly stations. In a single cycle, the 2040 Rotary heat staking system can heat stake or heat insert on multiple planes. These processes can be performed on large parts or several smaller parts. Our closed loop thermal control circuit is the key to the systems process control. The 2040 thermal control circuit consists of our standard heater probe with built-in thermocouple and a microprocessor based digital display temperature controller. The cam driven indexer provides the mechanism for the parts to be taken from the fixture loading position to the press position.

2040 rotary thermal heat staking machine with closed loop thermal control circuit


  • Microprocessor-based, temperature controller with digital set point and process value readout
  • Custom, thermal probes with built-in thermocouples
  • Dwell timer with digital readout for set time and process time
  • 80-999 degree F. operating range +/-2 degree accuracy
  • Adjustable, locking, micrometer depth stop with .001” increments
  • Pneumatically-operated sliding fixture
  • Removable tooling platen for quick changeovers
  • Pneumatic cushions and flow controls on air cylinders
  • Linear ball bearings for unparalleled smoothness
  • Dual, anti-tiedown, no-touch ergonomic actuation
  • Dual ram speed for controlled assembly platen advance
  • Emergency disconnect for all electronics and pneumatics
  • 60 thru 5,000 lbs. of operating force
  • Right or left hand emergency stop
  • Filter regulator
  • All noncontact sensors
  • Six to 20 zones available


  • Power requirements: 80–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Current Draw @ full rated power: 25-30 Amps
  • Pneumatic requirements: Clean, dry air @ 100 psig
  • Maximum clamping force (standard): 5,000 Lbs.
  • Stroke length (standard): 4” (10.16 cm)
  • Weight: Varies per system

Custom Options

Internal part clamping
In-cycle/post cooling
Platen sizes customized to fit application
Clamping force over 5,000 Lbs.
Shut heights customized per application
Extended stroke length

TBY128– 2040 Rotary System
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