The 2050 power supply and actuator is designed for integration into rotary or in-line, automated thermal assembly systems, and comes configured with one heat zone (no probe). It can be used vertically, horizontally or mounted at any angle. The 2050 (TBY021) actuator develops 120 pounds of force and is ideal for smaller inserts or stakes up to 1/4”. Its sister model, the 2050HD (TBY021 Heavy Duty), has a 1/4 ton of force and can do several stakes or inserts up to 3/8”. The 2070 actuator develops 1200 pounds of force. The power supply controls the air pressure, the dwell time and the heater temperature. It requires a remote start signal and it can be located separately from the actuator for convenient setting adjustments. It comes with a 6’ power cord and can be configured with up to 4 zones.

2050 power supply and actuator for heat staking equipment

Power Supply Features

  • Digital readout, dwell timer for repeatable process control
  • Microprocessor-based PID temperature controller with digital display of set point and process value
  • 80-999° F operating range +/-2 degree accuracy
  • Air filter regulator with integrated gauge
  • Air valve for tooling advance
  • Note: Cabinet configuration is subject to change

Actuator Features

  • 4” stroke (100mm)
  • Linear Ball Bearing blocks with hardened guide rail
  • Adjustable mechanical stop for accurate tool adjustment
  • 3″ x 4″ platen for tooling
  • Easy access controls for adjusting the rate of tool advance speed

Custom Options

  • Thermal Alarm – The actuator will not advance unless the preset temperature is within range – Order TBY118
  • Heater Probe TBY017 (One for each zone)
  • Up to four zones – Order TBY016 for each additional zone (Comes with heat controller, probe, insulator and mounting hardware)
  • Custom configurations available with multiple actuators


TBY020 – 2050 Actuator and Controller (Probe not included)

TBY021 – 2050HD Actuator and Controller (shown) (Probe not included)

TBY120 – 2070 Actuator and Controller (Probe not included)


  • Power requirements: 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Current draw @ full rated output: 5 amps
  • Pneumatic req.: Clean, dry air @ 100 psig
  • Maximum force:
    • (2050 Unit) 120 lbs. @ 100 psig
    • (2050HD Unit) 500 lbs. @ 100psig
    • (2070 Unit) 1,200 lbs. @ 100psig
  • Actuator Weight: 16 lbs