Heat Staking

2010 & 2010T Bench Units

2010 & 2010T Manual Assy. System

2020 Basic & 2020HD Assembly System

2020H & 2020HHD Thermal Assembly System With PLC

2020 & 2020HD Automation Assembly System

2020 & 2020HD Evolution Thermal Assembly System

2030 Adjustable Thermal Assembly System

2030MZ Adjustable System

2030HDMZ Adjustable System

2030 Automation System

2040 Rotary System

2040 Slide System

2050, 2050HD, 2052, 2052HD & 2070 Thermal Automation Systems

2005 Ultrasonic to Thermal Conversion Kit

Accessories for Thermal Machines

Degating Blades

Heat Tips

Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System



Pneumatic & Manual Rotary Table

Pneumatic & Manual Slide Tables

Welding & Machine Stands

Pneumatic Presses

Light-Duty Air Press

1/2 Ton Air Press

One to Four Ton Air Presses

Ultrasonic Tooling

Amplitude Gauge

Universal Hydraulic Decelerator

Ultrasonic Welding Film

Ultrasonic Welding Fixtures

Frequency Sniffer

Hand-Held Welder Press

Horn Support Table

Hydraulic Load Gauges

Hydraulic & Mechanical Squaring Bases

Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System

Universal Machine Stands and Compact & Adjustable Machine Stands

Manual Filmfeeder

Modular, Quick-Change Fixture

Pneumatic Filmfeeder

Sound Enclosure

SPC Kits


Take-Apart Vise

Amplitude & Convertor Test Horns

Ultrasonic Welding Horns

Universal Fixture Plate


Custom Applications

Technical Info

Heat Staking Specs

Problems with Heat Staking

Why Thermal Assembly

Amplitude Ranges for Welding

Choosing an Ultrasonic Welder

Horn Size Difference

How Ultrasonic Welding Works

Insertion and Staking Specs

Joint Design Issues

Thermoplastic Compatibility

Three Main Variables

Glossary of Ultrasonic and Thermal Welding Terminology

Measurement Conversion Tool

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