Thermal Assembly Resources

Degating demonstration (GIF)
Embossing demonstration (GIF)
Heat Staking demonstration (GIF)
Insertion demonstration (GIF)
Slide Table demonstration (GIF)
Slide Table demonstration (Video)
Rotary Table demonstration (Video)

Heat Staking, Degating and Thermal Inserting 
How heat staking, degating and inserting works & design guidelines for several boss/cavity configurations.

Problems with Heat Staking?
Quick troubleshooting advice for anyone struggling with stringing or other issues.

Why Thermal Assembly?
List of heat staking advantages for assembling plastic parts.

Ultrasonic and Thermal Welding Terminology
Glossary of common terms used to talk about ultrasonic welding.

Measurement Conversion Tool
Easily convert between foot-pound, inch-pound and Newton Meters.

Ultrasonic Assembly Resources

Amplitude Ranges for Welding
Handy table with peak-to-peak starting amp ranges for a variety of different resins.

Choosing an Ultrasonic Welding Machine
Sizing chart for choosing an ultrasonic welder based on length of joints being welded.

Horn Size Difference
How ultrasonic welding horn size relates to parts being welded (with images, measurements).

How Ultrasonic Welding Works
How the ultrasonic welding process converts electricity into high-frequency mechanical energy.

Ultrasonic Staking Process & Application Requirements
Advantages of ultrasonic insertion, staking vs. welding, and how ultrasonic staking works.

Joint Design Guidelines
Joint design examples and how to choose the best one for your ultrasonic welding application.

Thermoplastic Compatibility
Table showing which thermoplastic materials work with specific welding applications.

Ultrasonic Welding Parameters
Finding the correct balance between amplitude, time, and pressure.