ultrasonic tooling

Amplitude Gauge

Consistent and correct amplitude is one of the most important factors in achieving a high-quality ultrasonic weld. The Amplitude Gage makes measuring and setting that amplitude easy.

hydraulic thermal staking decelerator, ultrasonic tools


This device minimizes bent posts and other damage, which can occur when staking or forming fine parts. The decelerator slows horn descent during the weld, allowing proper melting of the post.

ultrasonic welding film, film welding


Replacement film for use with your Toman FilmFeeder.

ultrasonic tools


All Toman fixtures are engineered to the customer’s specifications. Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, hardened tool steel, hard epoxy poured, or 94 shore A, polyurethane poured fixtures are available.

frequency sniffer

Frequency Sniffer

This hand held battery operated device is used to detect radio frequencies remotely. Use to quickly test if a horn is operating at the proper frequency when diagnosing welding complications…

handheld plastic welder, handheld ultrasonic plastic welder

Handheld Welder Press

The unit holds either a Sonics and Materials or a Ultrasonic Seal hand welder. This rugged press turns your hand welder into a versatile manual welding system. This system can be used for prototypes, short run production, and many repair applications…

horn support table

Horn Support Table

The table prevents damage to ultrasonic horns, boosters, or an operator’s fingers by acting as a support during attachment and removal.

hydraulic load gauges, hydraulic load gauge, ultrasonic tools

Hydraulic Load Gauges

A load gage will measure the actual pounds of force that the welder is applying to the parts being welded. It’s a must for insuring consistent weld pressure between machines.

ultrasonic welding quick change fixtures

Hydraulic & Mechanical Squaring Bases

These bases improve the ease and quality of welding irregularly-shaped parts. The bases tilt in all directions on center and automatically square up the part to the horn.

thermal machines, ultrasonic tools, heat staking safety light curtain, heat staking accessories

Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System

This system doubles the production speed of a manual welder and gives you speeds 80-90% of a dial system but requires only one fixture, which dramatically cuts tooling costs.

machine stands

Machine Stands, Benches

Toman stands are built with superior quality in mind and are ideal for ultrasonic welders, air presses or our new thermal machines.

manual film feeder in ultrasonic welding, manual film feeder

Manual FilmFeeder

This low-cost alternative to our Pneumatic FilmFeeder manually feeds a buffer film between the ultrasonic horn and the part being welded.

ultrasonic modular fixture, ultrasonic tools, ultrasonic welding quick change fixtures, ultrasonic welding quick change fixtures

Modular, Quick-Change Fixtures

This fixture system consists of five components, which will reduce fixturing costs, minimize setup time, cut scrapped parts and decrease overhead.

ultrasonic welding film, film welding

Pneumatic FilmFeeder

The Pneumatic FilmFeeder will automatically feed a buffer film between the ultrasonic horn and the part being welded. This helps produce a smooth, unmarked product during ultrasonic welding.

ultrasonic welding sound enclosure

Sound Enclosure

We bring you relief at last from the ear-piercing shriek of an ultrasonic welder. Our Full-Size Sound Enclosure reduces sonic vibration noise to a comfortable level.

SPC Kits

The first complete package to help you obtain the utmost quality from any 15 kHz or 20 kHz ultrasonic welder. Each SPC Kit contains three components: an Amplitude Gage, an Amplitude Test Horn and a Hydraulic Load Gage.


Greases, lubes, studs, washers and other supplies are available for fixture fabrication, injection molding & ultrasonic welding.

take apart vise

Take-Apart Vise

A convenient vise for everyday tool changes. It’s excellent for loosening frozen connections without damaging the horn or booster.

amplitude test horn, converter test horn

Test Horns 

Wondering exactly what amplitude is being generated by your ultrasonic welder, convertor and booster? Find out with the Amplitude Test Horn. Or if you’re concerned about the condition of your convertor and power supply, check their performance with the Convertor Test Horn.

ultrasonic welding horns, welding horn

Ultrasonic Horns

High quality 15 kHz, 20 kHz and 40 kHz ultrasonic horns are fabricated at Toman by experienced machinists. The horns are made of high grade alloys: aluminum, titanium, or tool steel.

universal fixture plate

Universal Fixture Plate

This fixture accepts parts of various shapes for welding, inserting, or staking operations and is suitable for short or long run production.


Torque, Spanner, T-handle and Strap Wrenches are available.