The unit holds either a Sonics and Materials or a Ultrasonic Seal hand welder. This rugged press turns your hand welder into a versatile manual welding system. This system can be used for prototypes, short run production and many repair applications. The ultrasonics is conveniently activated by a switch mounted on the head that actuates just prior to contacting the part. This press when coupled with a hand welder is a very low-cost way to ultrasonically weld, insert or stake plastic parts.


  • Blanchard ground cast aluminum machine base with 3/8-16 fixture mounting holes
  • Cast aluminum machine base
  • Tubular steel column
  • Locking column clamp for easy course head height adjustment
  • 3/8 — 16 threaded holes for mounting tooling on four 7/16 inch and 7 inch and centers, same as most welders
  • Steel stop collar with threaded screw for fine finished head height adjustment
  • Ultrasonic start switch mounted to the head that activates just prior to contacting part
  • Lightweight, just 34 pounds with hand piece mounted in the press

TBY125 – Hand-Held Welder Press

handheld plastic welder, handheld ultrasonic plastic welder