The Heat Staking Safety Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System will double the production speed of a manual system. It will give you speeds 80-90 percent of a dial system but requires only one fixture, which dramatically cuts tooling costs. The advantage to this system is that there is only one button to start the assembly cycle. There is no need to hold two palm buttons until the heaters come down past the pinch point. A built-in safety circuit interrupts power and exhausts all air if the curtain is re-entered before the system completes the cycle, thus, maximizing operator safety.

This system is custom designed for each application. When purchasing this heat staking safety light curtain system, your machine will need to be shipped to Toman ThermoSonics for completion of the retrofit. Existing tooling may be able to be modified to work in the Light Curtain. If not, new tooling is quoted in addition to the Light Curtain.

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

The Heat Staking Safety Light Curtain & Auto Eject System can be quoted for either a thermal press or ultrasonic machine. 

TSN067 – Light Curtain & Auto-Eject System 

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