Why Run Film Between Your Part and Horn with a Manual Film Feeder?

Film acts as a buffer, protecting the surface from damage. This prevents marking or burning of the part during ultrasonic welding. If the appearance of the welded part is a factor, then a Film Feeder is the right accessory for you. Choose the automatic unit or a manual unit, which can be upgraded to an automatic unit as your production increases.

This low-cost alternative to our Pneumatic Film Feeder manually feeds a buffer film between the ultrasonic horn and the part being welded. The film is advanced by a ratcheting, film-advance lever which can be operated from either side. Attach it to the take-up spool, feeding left or right, according to the operator’s preference. No more loose plastic, and the savings in operation time or scrap parts will soon pay for this accessory.

The Manual Film Feeder base slides under most sonic welders with no alterations. Custom fixture base plates are available to suit your particular application.

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  • Accepts film widths of two to six inches wide
  • Can be upgraded to an automatic system
  • Easy setup in less than 10 minutes
  • Film available from Toman ThermoSonics
  • Lightweight and portable

TSN105 – Manual Film Feeder

TSN106 – Manual Film Feeder Automation Upgrade
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TSN115 – Optional Film Feeder Adapter Plates
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