We bring you relief at last from the ear-piercing shriek of an ultrasonic welder. Our Full Size Ultrasonic Welding Sound Enclosure is engineered to reduce sonic vibration noise to a comfortable level.

Built from welded steel tubing and lined with high-efficiency acoustical foam, the Sound Enclosure features a vertical sliding, pneumatically-operated access door for easy part access. The clear polycarbonate front panel is hinged to provide an opening large enough to fit most welders. The back panel is also hinged for welder access.

The Sound Enclosure comes with external emergency stop and palm buttons. Enclosures can be pre-wired in the factory for certain ultrasonic welders. All other welders must be wired to the Sound Enclosure by the customer. Check your owner’s or service manual for button wiring instructions.

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  • Pneumatic Access Door Allows Easy Part Loading and Unloading
  • Enclosure Fits Almost All 15 kHz & 20 kHz Welders

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

Item# TSN126
Full-Size Sound Enclosure
(Custom ordered)
(Fits most 15 & 20 kHz welders)

ultrasonic welding sound enclosure
ultrasonic welding sound enclosure