Studs and Washers

Replacement Studs for Horns and Boosters

These replace a worn-out stud that connects the horn and booster – Assortment pack available below

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

TSN006 – 3/8-24 x 1-1/4″

TSN007 – 3/8-24 x 1-1/2″

TSN008 – 1/2-20 x 1-1/4″

TSN009 – 1/2-20 x 1-1/2″

TSN117 – 8mm x 25mm

TSN152 – 12mm x 30mm

TSN153 – 12mm x 40mm

TSN154 – 16mm x 25mm

TSN155 – 16mm x 30mm

Step Down Studs

Custom-made, stainless steel step studs, with allen wrench sockets on both ends, are used to adapt different sized threads on horns and boosters. They can extend the life of the horn when re-tapping the stud hole becomes necessary.

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

TSN010 – 1/2-20 to 3/8-24 x 1-1/8″
TSN054 – 1/2-20 to 12mm x 1-1/4″
TSN011 – 3/8-24 to 8mm x 1-1/4″

Stud Assortment Pack

Buy an assortment pack of step and replacement studs to cover all your welding needs. The pack includes one of each size listed (5 total).

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

TSN064 …….Stud Assortment Pack
(includes the following studs)

3/8-24 x 1-1/4″
3/8-24 x 1-1/2″
1/2-20 x 1-1/4″
1/2-20 x 1-1/2″
1/2-20 to 3/8-24 x 1-1/4″ Step Stud

Copper Washers (not shown)

These .030″ thick washers help to improve the interface and eliminate galling between horns and boosters.

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

TSN012 – 1-3/16 OD x .385 ID

TSN013 – 1-3/16 OD x .530 ID

Mylar Washers

These 1-1/2 OD Mylar washers can also be used at the horn’s interface.

Custom Options (Quoted upon request)

TSN156 – Bag of 20

step down studs