Torque, Spanner, T-handle & Strap

Ultrasonic Tooling Torque Wrenches

These ultrasonic tooling torque wrenches will assure correct assembly of ultrasonic stack components (converter, booster and horn). Repeatable quantitative torquing is vital when assembling these components to eliminate problems such as heating, stack squealing and stripping of threads. Adjustable spanner ends fit most boosters and horns. The adjustable flat wrench is great for positioning half-wave or timed tips on full-wave horns.

Torque range is from 0-80 foot-pounds.

TSN058 …….1/8″ pin fits 3/4″-2″ diameter
40kHz horns with 30 pound limit

TSN047 …….3/16″ pin fits 1-1/4″-3″ diameter
20 kHz horns with 50 pound limit

TSN101 …….1/4″ pin fits 1-1/4″-3″ diameter
15kHz horns with 50 pound limit

TSN059 …….Adjustable for flats up to 1-1/8″
with 50 pound limit

Spanner Wrenches

These adjustable, pin spanner wrenches are used to loosen the interface of the convertor, booster or horn. Use them in combination with a torque wrench for accurate tightening. Wrenches come in the standard length or the hard-to-find extra long size.

TSN071 …….3/16″ pin 8″ length

TSN072 …….1/8″ pin 10″ length

TSN073 …….1/8″ pin 6″ length

TSN102 …….1/4″ pin 12″ length

TSN103 …….1/4″ pin 8″ length

T-handle Allen Wrenches

These multi-purpose wrenches are a one-piece hex key made of alloy steel, with a cushion-grip handle. Keep one handy for quick tooling jobs.

  • Sized to fit most Toman products

TSN068 …….3/16″ Allen Wrench

SN069 …….7/32″ Allen Wrench

TSN104 …….1/4″ Allen Wrench

Strap Wrench

Loosen or tighten any object with a diameter of 3/4″ to 7″. This wrench works great on irregularly shaped objects. Simply place the wrench on the object, tighten the strap until snug and turn. The strap wrench has a sturdy 8″ polypropylene handle and a 24″, oil and solvent-resistant, synthetic rubber strap with a tensile strength of 4,250 psi. For tightening or loosening large ultrasonic horns, it’s great!

TSN094 …….Strap Wrench
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